2016–2017 Season


Smart, witty, clever, fun…just totally BRILLIANT. Tabard.
—Linda York, Tabard subscriber & donor




World Premiere




10 in 10: 2017

January 20–February 5, 2017

10 in 10: 2017 Program
10 in 10: 2017 Selected Productions

THIS ONE'S A “10”… Following the success of Tabard's 2014 production of 10 in 10: Perspective, our 16th season's 10 in 10: 2017 is a new collection of ten-minute plays written by emerging local playwrights, as inspired by emerging local artists.

Enjoy 10 ten-minute plays by local playwrights inspired by art created by local artists. A "must-see" for art and theatre lovers alike. Art inspires Art inspires Art.

The original 2014 production of 10 in 10: Perspective provided the impetus for the expansion of Swift Justice into a full-length play as part of Tabard's 15th season.

10 plays from WMS media Inc. on Vimeo.

This is is food for the mind and heart. When the show is over you will be hungry for more!
—Valerie Pagendarm, patron

It was more than entertainment attending Tabard's 10-10, it developed and changed my life for my friends and for me too.
—Mayvid Maclay, subscriber



  Designated Charity for: 10 in 10: 2017
CIC Ministries
(Correctional Institutions Chaplaincy)
Art & Spirit Program