Theatre Floor Plan

Theatre on San Pedro Square (TOSPS) is a “low-tech, black box” theatre located on the second floor of the historical Farmers Union Building.

Seating capacity: 100–150 depending on type of event and Guest Company preference.

Room capacity: Audience: 175, cast and staff: 195

Freight elevator: (8' x 6') is available for loading in cargo, and to transport patrons with mobility issues. This elevator must use TOSPS personnel to operate.

Box Office, Lobby and Public Restrooms are located on the first floor.

Dressing rooms: 2 in the basement—accessible by elevator or stairs—that can accommodate up to 13 people in one and 10 in the other.

Basement Restroom: There is one restroom with shower in the basement for cast and staff.

Technical Assets


Stage height: 2'3". Approximately 14'6" deep by 24'0" wide. Additional 7' upstage of the main playing space, 8" higher than the stage. This extra space can be used as backstage, crossover, or for more playing space.

Grid height: 10'3" to stage; 12'6" to floor. Grid is made of 2 x 8 wooden beams @ 30" centers that span the entire ceiling. It is recommended that you install a temporary spreader beam to rig or drill into. Weight capacity is 100 lbs. every 10'.


  • Lighting Console: Leprecon LP-1536 (36 channels).
  • 3-Leprecon LD360 dimmer packs: 6-packs-1800W total load.
  • 5-NSI DDS600 dimmer packs: 4-packs-1800W total load. 38 dimmers total.
  • 8-Altman 6x12 elipsoidals-575W
  • 2-Altman Fresnels-500W

  • 9-Altman PAR56-500W
  • 30-7.25"Gel Frames
  • 7 Gobo Holders
  • Assortment of Edison extension cable lengths.
  • All lighting fixtures are hung onto unistrut track.

  • For more detailed information see Lighting System. Tabard.docx


    • Behringer X32 digital mixer
    • 2 Ramsa WS-A420 subwoofers (above grid); Crest CA4 amp
    • 2 Bose 402 speakers; Crown CTs 3000 amp
    • 8 stage monitors — 4 wedge, 2 powered, 2 overhead
    • 12 UHF wireless microphones
    • 8 conventional microphones & stands
    • CD/DVD player
    • Monitor/paging system for dressing rooms.

    For more detailed information, see Technical Rider.