Our Mission

Tabard’s mission is to provide enlightening theatre experiences which are appropriate and affordable
for audiences of all ages. We champion new works, innovative interpretations and unique plays rarely
produced. Tabard is an inclusive environment where the community can participate in every area of the
plays, musicals, educational programs and music concerts we produce. With a focus on altruism, Tabard
reaches out to the under-served, such as the blind/visually impaired and children in low-income areas,
and donates a portion of each production's concession proceeds to a designated local charity.

Nick Nichols
, Executive Director

Cathy Spielberger Cassetta, Producing Artistic Director

tab'ard : \'tab- ¥rd also -ärd\ n :

  • An ancient London inn featured in Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, from which pilgrims began their journey to Canterbury Cathedral and at which the innkeeper offered a free meal to the best storyteller
  • A tunic worn by a knight over his armor and emblazoned with his sovereign's arms
  • The name appropriated by numerous contemporary collegiate literary fraternities
  • A dynamic and imaginative theatre company in Silicon Valley, CA
The Tabard Theatre Company is a 501(c)(3) California Corporation.