The Tabard Theatre Company

Auditions are open for:

10 IN 10: 2017
Written by emerging local playwrights

Auditions will be in ten-minute slots; two to three actors at a time. To schedule an appointment, e-mail Josie Burgin Lawson, 10 in 10: 2017 Assistant Producer, at with specific date/time you’re available. Please include headshot, resume, and role(s) interested in. If you absolutely cannot make it to either of these dates, please email for possible alternate date/time, including up-to-date resume and accurate headshot

January 20—February 5, 2017

Auditions by appointment only:

  • Saturday, September 24: morning
  • Sunday, September 25: evening

Audition Details


We would love to have you join us! We have many opportunities: on stage, back stage, off stage! You name it! If you're interested in participating in what we're doing next, we're interested in having you contact us!