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For many reasons and in many ways, Tabard is a different kind of theatre company. We invite you to be a part of what we do by being a donor, sponsor and/or volunteer. Through the donation of your time, talent and/or dollars, Tabard will be able to continue to bring vibrant and creative live theatre productions to Silicon Valley as it has since it began in 2001. Tabard’s presence at TOSPS fills a very specific need in San Jose’s arts and entertainment environment and allows us to continue our mission:

To make a difference in the community through the arts by presenting original and rarely produced shows suitable for audiences of all ages, while keeping ticket prices affordable and donating a portion of concession proceeds to local non-profits that make a difference in the lives of people and animals.

Donating to The Tabard Theatre Company

"I am a supporter of Tabard Theatre because of the unique blend of professionalism, humility, and excitement that surrounds each show Tabard produces. The people, the costumes the atmosphere- alone or with a friend — I always feel welcomed."

—Denelle Fedor, longtime
Tabard patron and advocate

Donating to Elevator Appeal

The elevator in the building Tabard Theatre rents was red-tagged by the State of California in May, 2014 due to some issues with a pump. The landlord’s property management company became concerned with various liability issues and started the process to decommission the elevator.  Thus started a seven-month journey for the landlord and—by extension— Tabard, through a labyrinth of state, federal and EPA regulations to address the property manager’s liability concerns and get the elevator up to code and running.

The elevator is now back in operation with virtually an entirely new system that meets or exceeds all of the pertinent codes.

This, however, has come at quite a cost to Tabard. The final cost for the project will top $20,000.  This unexpected cost has forced us to tap into financial reserves that we must replenish to stay fiscally healthy.

During this long process many of you offered financial assistance so we are now asking you to help us with a donation of any size. Your gift will insure that in getting the elevator to go up and down, Tabard’s finances don’t go sideways (we couldn’t resist one elevator joke.)

Thank you in advance and Happy Holidays!

Donations to the Kickstarter campaign

Diana [no last name was given]
Richard Adoradio
Simeon Aronson
Don Balistreri
Joanne Barczi
Patrick Barrett
Carla Bottenfield
Pat Burleigh
Linda Cooper
Joyce Davis
Valerie Doyle
Victoria Deggs
Mark & Sally Flood
Richard Flynn
Claudia French
Susannah Greenwood
Valerie Gordon
Ross Arden Harkness
Kristy Hughes
Mike and Debi Hugill
Michael Johnson
Jerry and Jan Keifer
Edie & Doug Kerr

Carol Knouf
Larry Lagier
Judy Lawrence
Dirk Leatherman
Alice Ledford
Nicole Letellier
Jon Manuel
Sherry Martin
Karl Mosgofian
Betty Newton
Jan Paterson
Denise Reynolds
Karin Rumstedt
Jonathan Sharp
Diana Skokan
Laurel G. Smith
Rory Snyder
Ruby Stone
Marvin Tanner
Shirley Tibbs
Evelyn Vigil
Lorrie Wernick
Mel Zucker


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