\\’tab- ərd also -ärd\\ n:

  1. A London inn featured in Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales at which the innkeeper offered a free meal to the best storyteller;
  2. A tunic worn by a knight over their armor
    emblazoned with their sovereign’s arms;
  3. A dynamic and imaginative theatre company in Silicon Valley, CA


The Tabard Theatre Company provides live entertainment experiences that are enlightening, appropriate and affordable for audiences of all ages, championing unique works in an inclusive environment, with educational programs and altruistic outreach to the underserved.


The Tabard Theatre Company is a 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation that was founded in 2001 by Cathy Spielberger Cassetta to be a “different” kind of theatre company from the more than 450 theatre companies in the Bay Area. For its first seven seasons, Tabard nomadically performed in a variety of venues, not having a consistent venue of its own. In 2008, Tabard contracted with the San Jose Redevelopment Agency to become the managing and resident theatre company of then-named Theatre on San Pedro Square, our current location. Its charter provided for us to produce theatrical plays and musicals as well as to be a destination for guest performing arts groups. This venue was formally renamed “Tabard Theatre” in 2018 and retains this charter today, having blossomed into a multi-faceted theatre arts organization hosting concerts and comedy shows, and a wide variety of corporate, private and public guest events. Tabard Theatre also continues to be the official Swing Stage of the San Jose Jazz SummerFest. All told, these various programs provide the community with over 150 performances per year. The venue is also home to summer theatre camps for children ages 6 to 16. In its mission to bring outreach to the underserved, Tabard’s Youth Performing Arts Programs bring theatre education to a number of schools in the San Jose area.


Celebrate Life Season 2020-21

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The Tabard Theatre Company is grateful for support provided by grants from The City of San Jose Office of Cultural Affairs, Silicon Valley Creates, and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation.


President: Andrew Lowd

Vice-President: Sherry Bevis

Treasurer: Jack Borok

Board Secretary: Nicole Letellier

Recording Secretary: Marcia Lawson

Founding Artistic Director & Board Member Emeritus: Cathy Spielberger Cassetta


Niki Canotas
Victoria Deggs
Grace Vaccaro
Jonathan Rhys Williams


Executive Artistic Director: Jonathan Rhys Williams

Associate Artistic Director: Doug Baird

Audience Services Director/Marketing Manager: Marilyn Watts

Marketing Director/Graphic Designer/Webmaster: Stephanie Whigham

Accountant: Amoreena Lucero

Concessions Manager/Marketing Assistant: Janet Fischer

Education Director: Raul Avina

Facilities Manager: Jerry Lloyd

Rentals Manager: Janet Miller

Technical Director: Carsten Koester

Head Costumer: Marilyn Watts

Assistant Costume Designers: Melissa Sanchez, Esther Goes

Youth Costume Coordinator: JoAnne Satterfield

Livestream Technical Support: Semhar Gebrat

Promotional Production Videos: Jason Allen

Production Photographer: Edmond Kwong/ImageWurx

Original Tabard Logo: Don Barnes

Tabard Buttons: Harley Goes


Christy Lowd

Suzanne Rostamizadeh

Kathy Sutherland

Voted Best Theatre Company

by Metro Silicon Valley Readers