Arsenic & Old Lace

A Live Radio Play

This production has been cancelled.


The County of Santa Clara has published new official clarifications that directly affect our industry. These newly announced protocols are closely aligned with those created by Tabard in order to ensure a safe working environment, but there are some differences and complying with the new rules will mean significant changes in our working model. We will continue to do our best to both comply with county regulations and present quality work but the short time available to respond to the new guidelines makes presenting Arsenic & Old Lace impossible at this time.

If you have tickets for this show, our Box Office staff will be in touch. Thank you again for your patience and understanding.


Aresenic and Old Lace
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Our Production


What the Critics Have Said

“Reliably diverting. Fun for fun’s sake.”

— The Post & Courier

“…crowd pleasing entertainment.”


“light, laugh-inducing, hilarious production. This is a play to enjoy…”

— Splash Magazine

“adroit mixture of comedy and mayhem…pokes fun at the conventions of the theater.”


Voted Best Theatre Company

by Metro Silicon Valley Readers