Multi-camera Live-stream

MARCH 2021


By Jahnna Beecham & Malcolm Hillgartner


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Whoa, Britannia! Panic at the BBC! The year is 1944, America’s favorite singing cowboy Tex Riley and his troupe are late for a special broadcast at the BBC in London. Out of desperation, Mabel, their tour manager, and Miles, the frantic young producer, grab whomever they can — a snobby announcer, an amiable sound man, a passing soap opera actor — slap them into costume, hand them scripts (after all, it’s radio!) and shove them in front of the studio audience. What follows is a theatrical romp, featuring wonderful cowboy tunes made famous by the Sons of the Pioneers, Gene Autry and others, and classic radio comedy. This is one show you will never forget.


Due to the pandemic, Tabard Theatre is closed to patrons, and currently operating as a broadcast studio only.

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Specific show dates to be announced as rights are still being finalized

Designated Production Non-Profit
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What the Critics Have Said

“Combine Monty Python and Tex Ritter, and you get a bloody funny singing buckaroo!”

— Herald News

“Beautiful harmony… sparkling energy… exquisitely timed…an endearing production.

— Milwaukee Journal Sentinel

Delightful goofiness and joyful singing

Stage and Cinema

Voted Best Theatre Company

by Metro Silicon Valley Readers