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The Tabard Theatre Company’s production of William Finn’s musical A New Brain, running through Jan. 26 at Tabard Theatre in Downtown San Jose’s historic San Pedro district. Photo credit: Edmond Kwong/ImageWurx


Nurses (Chris Fernandez, Wolfie Lewandowski), and Doctor (Kevin Brownstein) surround Gordon (Adrien Gleason, seated)

Mother (Teri Weitze) & Gordon (Adrien Gleason)

Mr. Bungee (Kevin Kirby) and Gordon (Adrien Gleason)

Ensemble: Kevin Brownstein, Marla Cox,  Chris Fernandez, Wolfie Lewandowski with Adrien Gleason as Gordon
(in wheelchair)

Ensemble: Marla Cox, Chris Fernandez (seated), Wolfie Lewandowski  (standing center),and Kevin Brownstein

Mr. Bungee (Kevin Kirby) 

Roger (Corey Miller) & Gordon (Adrien Gleason)