Tabard Staff

Founder, Executive Artistic Director: Cathy Spielberger Cassetta

Operations Director: John DiLoreto

Associate Artistic Director: Doug Baird

Resident Music Director: Samuel Cisneros

Audience Services Director/Marketing ManagerMarilyn Watts

Concessions Manager/Marketing Assistant: Janet Fischer

Social Media and Digital Marketing Director: Matthew Schuller/Boxer Media (

Education Director: Raul Aviña

Guest Company Events Manager: Ramona Snyder

Events Producer: Amy Anderson

Grants Manager: Lilianna Davalos

Technical Director: Joe Cassetta

Master Electrician: Carsten Koester

Chief Audio Engineer: John DiLoreto

Costume Designer: Marilyn Watts

Assistant Costume Designers: Melissa Sanchez, Esther Goes

Youth Costume Coordinator: JoAnne Satterfield

Website: Betty Gott

Graphic Designer: Stephanie Whigham (

Promotional Production Videos: Maya Raman

Production Photographer: Edmond Kwong/ImageWurx

Mixologist:  Josh Salans

Tabard Logo: Don Barnes

Tabard Buttons: Harley Goes

Board of Directors

Board President: Leslie Lloyd

Immediate Past President: Joe Cassetta

Vice-President: Niki Canotas

Treasurer: Jack Borok

Board Secretary: Nicole Letellier


Cathy Spielberger Cassetta

Victoria Deggs

Rich Hemmerling

Marcia Lawson

Andrew Lowd

Darin McGrew

Grace Vaccaro

Recording Secretary: Marj Mancuso

Tabard Audience Advisory Panel

Sherry Bevis

Christy Lowd 

Michelle McGrew

Suzanne Rostamizadeh

Kathy Sutherland