Stepping Into Some Very Big Shoes


Jonathan Rhys Williams


Jonathan Rhys Williams, Executive Artistic Director

Photo: Dave Lepori

It is with humility and gratitude that I take on the leadership of The Tabard Theatre Company as Executive Artistic Director.

Six months ago when Cathy first let me know that she and the board of directors had selected me as the incoming Executive Artistic Director of The Tabard Theatre Company I was overwhelmed. I have been a theatre artist all my life. I grew up in the South Bay Area. My father taught physics at San Jose State University and my mother was a medical librarian at Good Samaritan Medical Hospital. I cut my teeth on the stage at companies like San Jose Stage and American Musical Theatre. And now I was being asked to take on the leadership of one of San Jose’s best, The Tabard Theatre Company. I was coming home.

Cathy and I then began imagining what the next six months would hold, how we would celebrate her tremendous legacy, holding events and gatherings to build deeper community with the Tabard family and to give me the chance to get to know all of you first-hand, in conversation, standing side by side after a show.

Well… you know what they say… if you want to make God laugh… tell him your plans.

None of us could have predicted the challenges that we face today. Theatre at its best is a conversation, a back and forth between artists and audience. Right now the world is poised for real change and theatre can be a part of that change and help us to be more understanding of all people around us. Instead we are being held hostage by an invisible virus that has crippled our ability to gather and tell stories.

In the coming days I will be sharing with you all our plans for moving forward and navigating these interesting times. For the time being the work coming from Tabard might look a little different. We are exploring ways to bring stories to you through internet streaming services. We are exploring what socially distanced seating will look like at the theatre when we are able to gather together again. At all times we will temper our desire to continue the tradition of bringing you excellent theatre experiences with an even deeper desire to keep everyone safe while we ride out this global pandemic. Together we will see The Tabard Theatre Company thrive in its third decade.

I thank Tabard Theatre Company’s Board of Directors for their faith in me.

I thank Cathy Cassetta and her husband Joe for everything that they have done over the past two decades to bring this vision to reality.

And I thank you, the Tabard family for welcoming me. I look forward to serving as your Executive Artistic Director for many years to come.

— Jonathan Williams

… I’ll see you at the Theatre


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