Looking Over the President's Shoulder

Multi-camera Live-stream

JUL 24 – AUG 9


By James Still • Directed by Doug Baird • Starring James Creer


James Creer performing live… in your living room! This is not a pre-recorded show— each performance will be live, with its unique nuances captured via multiple camera angles.

James Still’s engaging play is told from the perspective of Alonzo Fields—the White House Chief Butler who served four U.S. presidents and their families, from Hoover to Eisenhower, several of whom he came to consider personal friends. Fields describes his life as “like being in the front row and watching the passing parade of history.” The show is a remount of Tabard’s popular 2013 production, with local favorite James Creer reprising his critically acclaimed role.

 When Alonzo Fields accepted a job as a butler at the White House in 1931, his plan was to work there for the season. That season became 21 years. Based on a real-life story, this compelling play follows Fields—the grandson of a freed slave who grew up in segregated southern Indiana—from his pursuit of a career in opera, to working at the White House, and eventually becoming Chief Butler, bearing witness to countless moments of American history, and ultimately becoming a trusted friend and confidant to multiple presidents.  This play provides intriguing and compelling insights into one man’s unique lens on American history.

Designated Production Non-Profit


What People are Saying

“Warm, thought-provoking and inspiring…

I cannot recommend this play strongly enough. It is a timeless story for all ages, a pure joy to see, and a story and performance you will remember long after the curtain falls.”


“This Fields isn’t a political construct…

He’s a man who made the choices he made under the circumstances he found.

—Chicago Reader

“Creer’s charisma and charm fit the story so well;

he is Alonzo Fields reminiscing about this incredible life he’s been leading. He makes the audience members feel at home as though they are listening to an old friend tell the complicated, yet fascinating story of his life.”

—Ande Jacobson

“This actor was fantastic! This production is perfect!”

“One of the best performances I have seen at Tabard. Just amazing!”

“James Creer’s singing gave me the chills. Beautiful voice.”

—Tabard Patrons

Voted Best Theatre Company

by Metro Silicon Valley Readers