Bridge the Gap!

Between jobs? Seize this opportunity to contribute to your community and learn new skills at the same time…
No, really!!! Right here. Right now. No kidding!

The duration of your unemployment is not so much of an issue these days, but what you have done with that time is. —Sherry Whiteley HR chief, Intuit

Who we’re looking for:

Working Onstage

  • Actors
  • Musicians

Working Backstage

  • Light and sound operators
  • Stage managers

Working Behind the Scenes

  • Costumers
  • Set builders, painters and movers
  • Production assistants

Working the House

  • Box Office staff
  • Concessions staff
  • Ushers

Whatever in theatre you’re interested in doing, we have a
place for you !

Come play with us!

It’s not how much time you’ve been out of work, but how much work you’ve done with the time you’ve had. Seize the opportunity to contribute to your community and strengthen or learn new skills while at the same time being productive, active and in touch between jobs.

Bridge the gap from job to job and make your time and talent count at The Tabard Theatre Company. We have many great volunteer positions for creative, energetic and interested people. Special areas of need include grant writing, community outreach, administrative support, backstage crew and front-of-house help during performances (ushers, concessions/bar, box office).

For more information on how you can contribute, improve or learn new skills, contact Cathy at The Tabard Theatre Company by email or indicate your interest when you Join Our Email List!